ConferenceBuilder is an all-in-one tool that simplifies conference management. From creating and editing conference programs to generating custom reports.

ConferenceBuilder streamlines the entire process. It offers a range of options, including online exhibit halls for pre-conference planning, access to historical databases for recurring conferences, customizable online registration forms, and specific features for both in-person and virtual conferences.

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ConferenceBuider- PAQ’s all-in-one conference planning tool.

Conference App Our conference app is built to fit the needs of your conference. The app works in tandem with ConferenceBuilder allowing you to update both the website and the app with the click of a button.
Program Builder Create and edit your conference program with ease. Program Builder allows single track or multi track conferences to assemble, and inevitably rearrange, the conference presentations.
Online Registration Customize your online registration. If you have a membership base, we can connect your membership list to the registration form to auto calculate member discounts. Registrants will have the opportunity to select from your main conference registration items and add on items before reaching our payment screen.
Online Exhibit Hall Conference registrants can plan their time in the exhibit hall before they arrive at the conference with our online exhibit hall. The exhibit hall features interactive icons, booth descriptions, and quick links to company websites.
Historical Database When planning recurring conferences, having quick access to past conference information is invaluable. With ConferenceBuilder you can access registration rates, sponsorship levels, exhibit hall layouts and more from years past.
Reporting ConferenceBuilder includes built-in reporting for registration information, webinar information and more. PAQ would be happy to build a custom report for your conference if the need arises.
In-Person Conference Options ConferenceBuilder offers functions specific to In-Person Conferences. Our Walk Up Registration Kiosk allows conference attendees to register at the registration desk, and the onsite staff can then print off the new attendee name badge from the kiosk.
Virtual Conference Options ConferenceBuilder offers virtual exhibit hall booths and virtual posters to keep attendees engaged on your conference website. During presentations, attendees can access your live stream right from the homepage or online conference program.

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