Web Design

With web sites, usability is the key. Looks and content are lost if users can’t find what they need. Our web design services target usability so that your message comes through.

Style with a Purpose

First impressions count. How your site looks and loads impacts how users perceive your organization. The design must be coherent and consistent. It should match the tone of your "corporate culture". Our graphics staff participates in each project from preliminary discussions through launch. We work as a team, integrating form with function.

Getting Around Begins with Usability

Usability is simplicity. It’s directing people to the information they need with minimal effort. If users can’t find what they need they go elsewhere, or worse form a negative image of your organization…then go elsewhere. Usability is understanding. At PAQ Interactive we take the time to understand your clientele and how they will approach your site. We build this understanding into the design of your website to create a positive user experience.

Content Counts

The web is about information right now. When users need it, they want it, and expect to find it fast. Writing for the web is unique. Attention is short and expectations high. Your content must be scannable and easily read. PAQ helps package content for easy, immediate consumption.