Web Application Development

PAQ works with clients to get to the root of the issue or opportunity. We help identify when a custom application may be the best solution to your needs. Most of the custom application development we do is behind secure firewalls and are used in an intranet environment, closed to the public. When an application seems to fit a broader audience, we work with the client to share development costs and integrate this new app into our content management system. Some examples of custom applications include:
Sponsor ads in online magazine - This project needed to tie in sponsor fees with ads to specific issues of an online magazine. We were able to create a tool for the sponsor to order and pay for the ad and reserve a spot in the magazine issue. The tool also tracks ad views and click-throughs to provide metrics to the client and sponsor.
Map display of national county datasets - This project sought to share U.S. county data on agricultural statistics via an online interface. Instead of simple tables of data the client wanted to see the data in map form. We created a solution using a combination of data feeds, server software tools, and mapping technologies that brought the data to life.